Packaging, Perfotec’s laser wins 2015 Foodtec award

Perfotec is one of the winners of the 2015 FoodTec Prize that will be awarded by Germany’s Society for Agriculture at a ceremony on 24 March during Anuga FoodTec, the international trade show for food technology held in Cologne. The prize is awarded every three years to the most innovative and commercially successful technology advance in Europe’s food industry.

The advance. The innovation developed and patented by Perfotec is called the Online Laser Performation System. It is placed inside the Respiration Control System, which regulates fruit and vegetable respiration in order to extend product shelf-life by monitoring and releasing oxygen. The apparatus simply calculates the rate of the produce’s breathing.

«We’re very honoured – said Bas Groeneweg, Perfotec’s CEO – to be among the most innovative European technology businesses in the food industry. This award shows that our system is the future. Our customers, both producers and packagers, are always looking for natural ways to ensure that their produce is marketed fresh and keeps its quality. Thatis exactly what our technology delivers with only minimal modifications to their packaging lines»

The laser. A sophisticated software package processes the data logged by a Respiration meter and uploads the readings to a web site that then signals the desired product traits of each item read to the packaging lines.

The Online Laser Performation System is computer-controlled and perforates the film wrap so as to assure the release of the proper amount of oxygen while an integrated digital camera calibrates perforations and handles quality control.

Perfotec’s Sales Manager Ivo Hendriks noted «Our online system lets you extend product shelf-life naturally by as much as 50%. And we can adapt it even to large-scale operations since our controlled-respiration system is calibrated for handling three capacity volumes to fit the demands of small medium and big producers.»

The market. Perfotec’s system is currently being employed by big distributors in northern Europe like M&S in the UK as well as big German and Dutch supermarket chains, which have taken over some of the tasks of industrial packaging.

«By extending the shelf life of produce naturally – concluded Hendriks – packagers and producers can now handle long-haul deliveries that will help them to open new markets.»


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